Wellaflex Hairspray Review

Wednesday 22 April 2015

While I love trying out the latest lipsticks and make up removers, sometimes we forget about everyday basics that we’ve been using for years and take for granted. Today I’m talking about hairspray, more specifically – Wellaflex hairspray.
You might be thinking – all hairsprays do the same thing right? In a way – yes, but have you ever tried one of those cheap nasty hairsprays that make your hair super sticky and leaves your hair looking worse? If not, you’re lucky but I’m sure most of us has been there.
For me, when I’m looking for a hairspray, I need something that has a good hold but not sticky, and if it smells nice then that’s an added bonus. Recently I’ve gotten fed up with my usual straight hair and fancied something different, so lately I’ve been using my deep barrel waves to give my hair some shape and volume, but I needed something to keep my new style in place and wellaflex has been doing an excellent job. It’s keep the waves in their original shape, but also lets my hair move naturally so I don’t have ‘helmet hair’. The spray is fine enough not to make my hair sticky, but also strong enough to keep my waves in all day – which I have a huge problem with as my hair is so fine, almost every style falls out. 

I have been using strength 5 for my hair to keep the style in place, but there is different strengths available. to suit your needs. On top of it all,  I love the fruity smell. I remember as child my mum apply layers of hairspray and choking, but Wellaflex has a pleasant smell.
If you’re looking for a new hairspray for your summer waves or your up-do I would recommend picking up a can of wellaflex. 
Wellaflex is priced €4.35* and is available from leading stores around Malta. For more information, visit the VJ Salomone Facebook Page

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