[EVENT] Pronails - Launch of Protect and Peel

Friday 12 September 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of SoPolish Protect and Peel by ProNails. If you haven’t heard of ProNails I’m sure you will have seen their nail bar in the Point Shopping centre in Sliema.

While I don’t normally wear gel/gelish on my nails, this new concept is something I’m excited about.  The new system is a similar concept to gel polish except an additional ‘skin’ is added between your natural nail and the polish so that there is no damage to your own nail what so ever.

Just like gel polish your manicure will also last 2 weeks, but the added bonus of the new system is there is virtually no time or tools need to remove the polish. It simply just peels off. However don’t be fooled into thinking your manicure is just going to fall off without trying - you’ll need to pick at first to get a corner before peeling off.

The great thing about this, is it’s perfect for people who have jobs that aren’t allowed to wear polish but still love a perfect mani from time to time. You simple get your nails done as normal and peel it off when you have to go to work. Great for occasions such as birthdays and other celebrations. This new concept is also a great idea for people who are concerned about their natural nail. 

So if you’re looking for the results of gel polish without damaging your natural nails, be sure to ask your manicurist about ProNails - SoPolish or visit the ProNails Nail Bar in Sliema.

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  1. This sounds so great, I love gel nails but don't wear them too often because it breaks my nails, this sounds like such a good alternative!


  2. Wow! This is so cool! There are a lot of cool things popping out now a days. I am a new reader/follower and I'm loving your blog. I hope you keep in touch.xoxo!

    Qing's Style