Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day Moisturiser

Thursday 7 August 2014

Olay is one of those brands that have been around since as long as I can remember. I always remember as a little girl my grandmother religiously using their classic Beauty Fluid every single day  and to this day she still does. Sometimes the best brands are ones that have been around the longest.

For the last few weeks I’ve been using the Olay Total Effect 7 in one Anti-aging day moisturiser with SPF 15. With the Maltese sun, especially just now in summer I always choose a moisturiser with SPF in. Also, while I don’t have wrinkle(yet!) it’s only a matter of time, so it’s always better if possible to start preparing for wrinkles before they appear.

This product, as it says is a 7 in 1 product, and what are those 7 I hear you ask? Well let me tell you -

1. Line Minimisation - visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
2. Nourishing Moisturisation - for a radient healthy glow
3. Tone Enhancement - balances colour and visibly reduces appearance of age spots
4. Gentle exfoliation - smooths and evens skin texture
5. Pore refinement - minimises the appearance of pores
6. With Anti Oxidants - held prevent free radical damage to the skins surface layers
7. Subtle firms - hydrates for firmer skin appearance

So basically it’s a moisturiser, primer and more. When I’ve been using Total effects in the morning, I have found I haven’t needed to wear a primer because it gives my skin everything it needs for a flawless application of make up. I’ve even just been wearing only the moisturiser on it’s own at the weekends without makeup to give my skin a rest, and I feel confident enough to leave the house au-natural as Total Effect evens out my skin tone and smooths the skin.

The product itself comes in a 50ml bottle, with a pump dispenser which I much prefer to tubs. One pump gives you enough cream to cover your face and neck. The formula while light weight, I find it to be extremely hydrating. It soaks effortlessly into the skin and is non-greasy. I have to say that in the 2 weeks that I have been using this product, I have noticed that not only has my skin been plump and hydrated, I have also noticed it has smoothed out any imperfections that I had, and I certainly haven’t had any wrinkles appears. I will defiantly continue to use this, it’s just an all great great product.

If you are looking for a new moisturiser that does more than just moisturise. I highly recommend you pick up some Olay total Effects 7 in One. Your skin will thank  you for it. It’s available from pharmacies and leading retailers throughout Malta and Gozo priced €19.95*.

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  1. Had the night version of this and loved it. The pump is the icing on the cake!