Catrice Liquid Metal Eye shadows

Monday 10 March 2014

If you read my post about the Catrice Spring/Summer event, you’ll know I was lusting about the Liquid Metal eyeshadows, so two days after the event I found myself down at Tony’s Pharmacy in Gzira to get my hands on some. 

I  picked up 3 colours :
010 Look Me In The Ice (white/silver)
060 Petrol Pan (turquoise)
050 We’re The Inner Purple (purple)

I was actually expecting these to be cream eyeshadows, but turns out they are pressed powder. They are still beautiful though.

The pigmentation is quite good - 8.5/10 for the white and purple, and 9/10 for the turquoise one (which I think is my favourite) - I have a thing for turquoise and dark eye eye products at the moment! The shadow applies easily and blends well, there is such a wide range of shades in this range you could really create some amazing looks. I think i’ll be adding some neutral shades to me collection next time.

Have you tried the Catrice Liquid Metal Eye shadows - what did you think?


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  1. Pretty! Love how metallic these are. Have a great Monday! xo


  2. I think the turquoise would look especially great on your bright eyes ! Lovely finds !

    ella x