Uriage Skincare Routine

Friday 14 February 2014

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of French skin care brands, so you can imagine my excitement when Uriage Malta contacted me and wanted me to put one of their skin care ranges to the test - I jumped at the chance!

Uriage isn’t a new brand to me, during summer I’m never without their Thermal water spray; that not only keeps my skin hydrated but also keeps me cool and refreshed during the long hot days.

About Uriage

URIAGE's story began centuries ago in Ancient Rome after the invasion of Gaul. During the crossing of the French Alps, the Romans came across a spring at the foot of the Belledone massif. Through bathing in the thermal water, they noticed that they recovered from their wounds at a faster rate. They in fact discovered an exceptional water with unique properties: Uriage Thermal Water.

Today its outstanding properties - exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements, naturally isotonic (respect the physiology of the skin cells), and truly active (moisturising, soothing, anti-free radicals to only name a few) are just as compelling as ever with the world of dermatology making it a brand recommended by many dermatologists worldwide. Filtered and enriched by nature, Uriage water is bacteriologically pure and extremely safe. Therefore the products are suitable for all skins included the damaged or irritated ones.

Now that all sounds amazing, but the question on everyones lips is - “Does is work?”. Well I packed away my usual skin care routine and used nothing but Uriage for the last 3 weeks, even taking it traveling with me - when my skin is put to the test the most. Here is how I got on:


Micellar cleansing water: I’m a huge fan of micellar water and love the Uriage version. Not only does it remove all make up (including eye make up - even waterproof mascara!), it also hydrates the skin leaving my skin feeling refreshed and clean. It was an absolute joy using this and was the only product I needed to remove all my make up in the evening, and wake-up my skin first thing in the morning.

To use - simply pour a small amount onto a cotton pad and swipe over your skin. To remove eye makeup, pour onto a cotton pad and hold over your eyes for a few moments, allowing it to work then wipe off.

AquaPrecis Gel Cream: This is a daily moisturiser and my new favourite! I have been using this day and evening. The cream is non-greasy and light weight. It applies easily and soaks into the skin effortlessly. It also has a matifying effect, which was great for those days  when I didn’t want to wear make up. There is a slight scent to this product, it’s a fresh and clean smell without being overpowering.

To use - Apply a small amount to your finger tips and massage into your face and neck.

AquaPrecis Eye Cream: I’m lucky that I don’t have wrinkles but it’s never to early to start looking after your skin, after all prevention is best cure. AquaPreci is a gentle daily eye cream. I found it to have a similar formula as the moisturiser - light weight, non-greasy and soaked into the skin easy. If your looking for your first eye cream, this is the perfect first product for you!

To use: Apply after using mosituriser by gently patting around your eye area.


I throughly enjoy using Uriage, and will continue to keep using it. I like the fact that I know have a skin care set all from the same brand, normally I have a brand for each use but I now have a full skin care routine using only 3 simple products. Uriage is hypoallergenic so I didn’t need to worry about having a reaction as sometimes my skin can be sensitive.

If you are looking to get your skincare in order, I would recommend picking up these products next time you visit a pharmacy, you won’t be disappointed and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as me. My skin is now feeling a lot more hydrated than normal. At pocket friendly prices, theres never and excuse for not looking after your skin

Uriage is available from all pharmacies across Malta.
Micellar Cleansing Water: €9.85*
AquaPrecis Gel Cream: €12.90*
AquaPrecis Eye Cream: €12.10*

Have you tried any Uriage product? What did you think?

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