Hot Hair

Sunday 24 July 2011

As you can probably tell by my twitter posts, it is really starting to heat up on the island at the moment and that means two things; 1- Almost 100% humidity, 2 - 35 Degrees = unavoidable sweating (unless you stay indoors). Both of which is a nightmare when it comes to hair! We feel for you Monica!

Now, I love my long luscious locks, however it's just too hot for me to wear my hair down during the day. So I usually like to wear my hair up, and my new favourite up do is a old fashion bun. This might brings images of ballet dancers to mind, but let me tell you - it keeps you cool and doesn't frizz out!
Another plus is it takes you 2 minutes and it will last you all day!

I also like to put a modern twist on it as well.


                            So you will need:

     1x Comb
     3-4 Kirby grips
     1x hair donut  ( I found one in Claire's Accessories in St.Julians)
     2 x Hair bobbles
     1x Hair spray to finish.

Get that hair up-

Step 1: I Like to back comb my T-section and around the front of my hairline so my hair isn't stuck to my scalp and gives a little bit of volume

Step 2: Pull your hair back into a pony tale at the desired hight and secure with a bobble

Step 3: Pull your hair through the doughnut, and spread evenly all over the doughnut and place another bobble over your hair and doughnut.

Step 4: Split the excess hair in to 2 or 3 sections (Depending on thickness) and wrap around the "bun" and secure with kirby grips, and repeat with each section working in opposite directions each time to ensure it's even.

That's you done - Hairspray to finnish.

Remember you don't need to be super neat when doing this, make it a little messy to give it a bit of an edge, or why not leave your fringe down, or pin it back with a twist like i have in this photo. You can even add flowers or clips, whatever suits your style or outfit!

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